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2015 was a great year

This was a great year for Lumendi.  We concluded the license agreement with Weill Cornell Minimally Invasive New Technlogies (MINT) which was formally announced by WeillCornell in September.

Dr. Peter Johann our Chairman and CEO stated:

This innovative relationship has the potential to transform digestive care for patients around the world.

Important is also that the company continues to secure its property rights and has applied for numerous patents.

More instruments are expected to broaden the pipeline of new products of the Endolumenal Surgical Platform (ESP).

We continue focusing on three things:

—  Advancing minimally-invasive gastrointestinal surgery
—  Improving outcomes
—  Reducing health care costs

Download der PDF Datei (siehe oben) – 156KB

What will happen in 2016?

The most important first:  Based on the current development plan we will file ESP with the FDA by mid 2016 and hope to have FDA approval after the usual review time.

The team around Mike Parrilla: COO of Lumendi will be busy next year to enable together with our partners the timely FDA filing. We will build the Marketing & Sales organization during next year to be ready for launch of ESP following FDA approval.  In addition, Lumendi in collaboration with MINT and industrial partners, is working on expanding the platform with a modification of ESP and new surgical tools.

We wish you a successful 2016 !!

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Newsletter Dezember 2015

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