In our last blog entry you had the opportunity to read AND download our annual newsletter 2015. We stated that we expect more instruments to broaden the pipeline of new products of the Endolumenal Surgical Platform (ESP).

Today we bring you our first news for 2016. Here we focus on our new brochure that we would like to show you. In the brochure. we explain in layman’s language how minimally-invasive surgery works. Particular focus is on performing surgery inside the intestine.

1. Endoluminal Surgical Platform (ESP)

This is a novel device for medical digestive disease therapy. As the brochure below outlines:

Colorectal cancer is the leading cause of death from digestive disease. Worldwide, more than 1 mio new cases are being detected each year.

Up to 40% of all polyps (precancerous growths) are missed during standard colonoscopies.

The ESP offers three things:

1.1 Stabilize the edoscope tip in relation to the intestional wall
1.2 Creat a therapeutic zone with improved visualization inside the intestine
1.3 Manipulate the colon wall to provide better access for treatment

2. Three benefits

Digestive diseases become prevalent in patients after the age of 50. It increases rapidly in mean and women after age 65. Accordingly, as the population ages, the cost of providing good care is also increasing.

The Endoluminal Surgery Platform (ESP) has 3 objectives:

2.1 – improve patient outcomes,
2.2 – increase safety, AND
2.3 – save costs

You can get more detail about these and other issues in our brochure below.

Download the brochure – 2.3MB – very interesting

Geduld bitte – 2.3MB Download um Brochure anschauen zu können – aber es lohnt sich!

Patience please – 2.3 MB Download to view brochure – worth your time!

Download the brochure – 2.3MB – very interesting

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Minimal-invasive endolumenale Chirurgie: 3 Vorteile

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