ANKLICKEN - Dr Johann und Mr Barrilla vor den Lumendi LCC BürosIn Kürze: Lumendi LTD wächst. Aus diesem Grunde haben wir in den USA ein Tochterunternehmen gegründet – Lumendi LCC.

Der Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mike Parrilla hat  ebenfalls seine Tätigkeit aufgenommen.

In short: Lumendi LTD. is expanding. We have established a subsidiary – Lumendi LCC in the US.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Mike Parrilla.

Moved into new offices

In September Peter Johann (CEO) and Mike Parrilla (COO) were able to move the newly established Lumendi LCC  into its new offices.

These are located at:

Lumendi LLC
253 Post Road West, Westport, CT. 06880
Telephone: +1 203 557-0459

COO Mike Parrilla

In an upcoming post we will tell you more about Mike and his career and how he ended up taking a job with Lumendi LCC in the US. Stay tuned.

What you think?

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Lumendi LLC

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